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COVID 19 Update April 2021

We are very much looking forward to soon being able to announce a return to our coached pool swim training schedule. Watch this Space!! 

Somerset RC Tri being affiliated and insured by the British Triathlon Federation we have a requirement under the BTF and Government Guidelines to ensure we meet the required elements to ensure we are doing our part to prevent the spread of Corona Virus and keep our members, coaches and public safe in doing so, all whilst making sure we are insured and up hold the image of the club to make sure we still have a club for existing members and new members in the future.

To enable us to be able to run clubs essions run we have a requirement under the BTF and Government Guidelines to meet set criteria. These are:

1. All Members planning on returning to any club training session are required to complete a Return to Play Health Questionnaire available here. DO THIS ONCE ONLY - FOR SWIM OR BIKE SESSIONS

2. All members paid up and signed onto the swim sessions via Love Admin will be required before attending any swim session to complete a Pre Session Health Questionnaire. This will need to be completed every time for every swim session you are signed onto. If you are signed onto multiple sessions you will need to complete this before every session every week until we are advised otherwise by the BTF and the government. This form will enable us to keep the required Track and Trace Government System updated should it be required if a member or Coach at any session has COVID 19.  This is available here. DO THIS BEFORE EVERY SESSION, SWIM OR BIKE

3. A copy of the current BTF Guidelines for the return to play for participants can be found here.

4. A copy of the current BTF Guidelines for the return to play for coaches can be found here.

5. A copy of the club Risk Assessment for Taunton Pool (Station Road) can be found here.

6. A copy of the Club Risk Assessment for Blackbrook Pool Can be found here.

7. A set of pool guidance notes have been developed by the club for the general guidance for the pool swim sessions. These should be read and understood by all returning Swim members. There will be a check box on the google forms link for the ore session questionnaire for you to check as part of the pre session questionnaire These can be found here.

8. Face Coverings to be worn when entering the leisure centre until poolside and ready to enter the pool.

9. Face Coverings to be worn when leaving the pool area and entering and using the changing rooms and until you exit the centre to outside.

10. On arrival at the leisure centre our provider is requesting all members and coaches from Somerset RC Tri scan in on the QR Codes located in the entrance foyer of the centres there are two located in the front of house area and at Blackbrook one located in the cafe area on the way to the pool.  Guidance on QR scanning is found here

Unfortunately the QR Code scanning does not remove the need to complete the Pre Session  Questionnaire every week before every session.

We thank you all for bearing with us during these unprecedented and “new normal” times we are in. As and when the BTF or Government guidance changes we will keep you all informed as and when we know.

Please stay safe and keep maintaining Social Distancing especially in our disciplines as the aerosol effect from cycling and running is greater than that if you are just walking or stood still.

Any Questions please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the committee who will be sure to send on your query so we can answer as quickly as possible.

Matthew Perry, Somerset RC TRI (Club COVID Officer)

Club Rides

Some good news….We are now able to restart formal BTF compliant club bikes rides. We know that in recent months many of you have been limited to cycling alone, in small friendship groups and/or household bubbles. Now, thanks to our Covid 19 officer (Matt Perry) and our IT wizard (Pete Richards) you can join a club ride and meet up with other club members. The first ride will be Saturday 8 th May.

To facilitate this, we must follow all current BTF guidance ( which does place some restrictions on how we operate, however it doesalso allow us to cycle in groups larger than 6. Somewhat surprisingly we could theoretically ride in a group with a maximum number of 30! We can also start using our club FB page again to share “thoughts” with regard to these rides. In reality this will be nominally restricted to separate groups in single digits, as much for highway safety reasons as any Covid issues.

The Risk Assessment outlines in detail how these rides must operate and you are strongly advised to read this carefully. However, I will list some of the key points below.

  1. There are two club rides, both leaving Blackbrook Centre one on Wednesday at 9:00am and the other on Saturday at 8:30am.

  2. The new meet point is at the far end of the parking beyond the tennis centre.

  3. Whilst we can ride as a group larger than 6 under BTF insurance, before at any café stops and after the ride all current government guidance must be followed (see The key points for us will likely be..

    1. Social distancing at meet point and stops.

    2. Everyone to limit themselves to using only their own equipment unless sanitising is available.

    3. Extreme care (face masks, sanitising etc.) if first aid is needed.

  4. To be eligible for participation on the ride you must complete our Covid screening survey, just as you may have done for swimming sessions. The link is on the front page of our website. You will also need to resubmit the initial Covid questionnaire, even if you did this originally for swimming after the previous lockdown, swimmers will also be asked to re-do this when swimming re-starts.

  5. A nominated person (usually me) will be checking that this has been completed and if not, you will not be allowed on the ride. I will make a paper list over breakfast prior to each ride and use this to check against those who are at the meet point. Please complete this no earlier than 24 hours prior to the ride.

  6. The rides are non-led club rides. This means that although routes and destinations may have been previously decided, once riding there is no nominated leader or coach. Each rider has responsibility for their own safety, and we assume that each group will be collectively responsible for all others in the group. Choosing a group that matches your current level of fitness is essential.

  7. All participants must be 18 years or older.


Nick Smith

Somerset RC Tri Club

Most important and the essence of the club is enjoying the sport of triathlon.  This is reflected in the all-inclusive way the club is run. We believe that within this atmosphere we learn from others, train and achieve our goals and ambitions in what can be a challenging and sometimes life changing sport. The club members range from those who have just taken up the sport (any age!) to those who have competed to a high level in a variety of different length events. So, whatever your ability and experience you will fit in!

We swim.

We bike.

We run.

Getting Involved

The club is structured with an established Junior Section.  Training is delivered by British Triathlon qualified coaches with other specialist coaches providing specific sessions.

We run an Aquathlon, a novice and sprint triathlon event and a junior aquathlon.

Somerset RC Tri is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). 

The club has been in existence since 1996 and now has 200 members. 

If you are based in Somerset and are interested in becoming a member or have a general enquiry please contact us here or join us on facebook Somerset RC Tri Facebook

Somerset RC Tri - A Rough Guide.

Whether your experience is vast or void, your abilities are world-class or back-of-the-class you will be welcome at Somerset RC Tri. Once you are a member you will have many opportunities to share experiences, meet and train with other triathletes.

Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we will be unable to organise our races as planned in 2020. 

We continue to review the situation and our options as we adhere to Government and BTF guidance through the year. Entrants will receive communication from the Race Director regarding your options. 

In the mean time.....Somerset RC Tri Club invites you to join us in our

Virtual Sprint Triathlon Challenge 

The first event takes place on the May Day bank holiday weekend 8th-10th May 2020.

And Round two will follow on 23rd-25th May 2020. 

Details of this can be found by clicking though the link. 


Training is delivered by our experienced team of coaches who volunteer their time each week to help you achieve your aims. Their passion for triathlon is evident. Between them they have diverse and expansive experience, so please feel free to ask them questions. We have organised training sessions most days; to find out more check out our training calendar

Racing and Club Championships 

The Club Championships is a targeted set of races across all distances, so there is something for everyone. The Club has suggested races to ensure that we can attend events together and get support from other members. The list of races can be found in the Club Championships page.

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