Training with Somerset RC Tri

If you are a paid-up member of our club. you have access to a wide range of multi-sport training opportunities. Some sessions are formally coached, others have a nominated leader and others are social. It is useful to understand what this means:

  • A Coached session is pre-planned and delivered by a qualified coach who volunteers their time. There is usually a sign-up list for these sessions, and they are coached in accordance with British Triathlon Guidelines. Where charges are applied to these sessions, the charges are to cover the costs of facilities, venue or equipment used. 
  • Led session will have a nominated leader (not necessarily qualified) who will guide and advise participants through the session or route. You are  responsible for your own safety and the safety of others. 
  • Social training sessions are those organised by members independently of the Club's coaching team or committee - these are usually ad-hoc, will be self-sufficient and participants will have complete responsibility for their own safety. Our Facebook group is used to notify members of any day-to- day changes to scheduled coached/led sessions and is the best place to find out about any upcoming social training sessions that are being planned.

The club has risk assessments to cover the different types of sessions that we run.  You can access them here:

These risk assessments and action plans replace any previous versions. It is the responsibility of all coaches, leaders and participants to understand and follow the advice therein. Great care has been taken to ensure that these plans minimise risks to participants, whilst also having common sense as an overarching principle.

It is possible to attend up to two Somerset RC Tri training events as a guest prospective member so that you can try out what we have on offer before signing up for full membership. 


Pool based Swimming

We currently have 8 coached pool sessions each week catering for all abilities of swimmer. These sessions are spread across three local venues. 

All these sessions are planned and delivered by qualified coaches

Generally, these swim sessions are available all year round, with exceptions for centre closures and other club-based events. All sessions are based around improving your swimming fitness although certain sessions have a slightly different focus. All coaches have their own style but remain focussed on providing participants with a relevant swim workout. At different times of the year the focus of sessions can change, for example in the autumn sessions are more focussed on drills and stroke development.

Full details can be found on our pool swimming page:


There is a year-round organised group ride each Saturday morning, meeting at Blackbrook Pavilion.

This is a social paced ride, with a coffee stop intended as suitable for all abilities and as a way to meet club members.

See here for more details of the Blackbrook Bike Ride

Development Ride

New in 2016, we now have an additional regular ride for those newer to cycling or just starting to build up fitness and wanting an easier paced social ride.  This group meets at Blackbrook Pavilion at 0830 each Saturday morning.


This takes place at Wellsprings leisure centre on a weekly basis – Thursday 6pm-7pm.

Sessions start in Late October and run until mid-March.

There are about 20 spin bikes and the sessions are led by Nick Smith, our head coach, who is a qualified indoor group cycling instructor.

The session is focussed on developing speed endurance for triathlons and is more akin to a turbo session set to music than a traditional spinning session would be.

You would be expected to pay upfront for the entire season but can “sell on” your bike if you are not available for specific weeks. 

Run Training

We currently have no formalised coach led run sessions as most members either train solo or in their own social groups (see FB posts) or with one of the various local running/athletic clubs

However, there are regular "social" group runs organised by club members through the week (see Facebook for more details). 

An Informal track running session is organised by the club’s Head Coach Jo at 1610 Castle School track at 5:15pm on Friday evenings. Club members are invited to take part in - see the members Facebook page for more information.

Bike and Run

From April to September we organise a monthly training session of an 11 mile bike and 3 mile run (distances approximate). These sessions are organised by a club member and you get times and splits. The sessions are just like a sprint triathlon but without the swim section. As such there is no drafting and participants are set off at 1 minute intervals as you would be in a bike time trial. Whilst it is not a race, there is certainly a competitive atmosphere. The session is not marshalled, and you will need to sign on and be responsible for your own safety. See FB post for more information

We have other regular training events at various times during the year, including a Pool based swim gala, a Pool based marathon swim, a Club 100mile bike ride (followed by a BBQ) and a Christmas team Parlauf run.

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