Blackbrook Bike Ride

Blackbrook Bike Ride

Welcome to the Somerset RC Tri Club ride. A group of riders leave Blackbrook Leisure Centre at around 8:30am every Saturday morning for a morning ride. This ride runs a little easier than the SCAT ride and so is ideal for the novice cyclist who is looking for a group ride.

There is usually a cafe stop for around 15 minutes at the halfway point. The club ride is usually around 45 to 50 miles long with a few short sharp climbs.

Invited guests can join us so contact the club or a club member if you fancy a ride out.   

Click here to view the club guide on Cycling Etiquette 


  • If you want to ride with us these are the rules:
  • Your bike must be roadworthy
  • You must wear a helmet.  No helmet No ride.
  • You are to follow the guidance of the ride leader
  • Be a member of Somerset RC Tri or a registered guest
  •  Ride in a safe manner
  • Maximum of two abreast
  • Ride in line. Follow a wheel no half wheeling
  • Overtake when safe to do so
  • Listen to announcements from cyclists
  • Do not drift lanes when looking behind you
  • Be aware of those around you at all times
  • Ride with the group that matches your fitness and skill level
  • Wait for and or circle back for slower riders as agreed
  • Wait and assist cyclists with mechanical problems

Enjoy the ride! 

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