Your enquiry will either be answered driectly or passed onto the relevant member of the coaching team. 

Some volunteer club coaches are also professional coaches in their own right and run successful businesses outside of Somerset RC Tri Club based activities. Having a number of experienced professional coaches closely involved in the club, giving their time to deliver voluntary coaching sessions for the membership, and making themselves easily accessible and available for more in-depth training guidance to members is of great benefit to the club. All club members benefit from the services through planned structure in club training that all trained coaches provide.

Club members can choose whether to engage the services of a professional coach at their own expense and for their conveinence details of these businesses are supplied in those coaches profile below. 


Max Sauter

British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach 

Level 2 & 3 Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer

Level 3 Sports Massage

I first began doing Triathlon back in the days of bright tight clothing, back in the Mid 1980’s and have been doing triathlon ever since (with only a few years off). At one time I even was quite good and have some very respectable PB times to my name!!!

Triathlon is still very much a sport that I love, and one that now has so many options for all participants that people can get involved at any level of experince and ability, regardless of age or prior sporting experince. It also has the advantage of being able to focus on different elements at different times - for example, at present I personally love swimming and am doing lots of long distance swims, and most of the club sessions that I deliver are swim oriented. 

As a coach I enjoy working with everyone, every tip to help you get better and then to see your face when it works. Why else give up so much time to coach?  

I can be contacted with any queries regrading training with the club and the coached sessions that are on offer via email:

I also offer personalised coaching for a limited number of individuals through my own coaching business, and can be contacted with regards to these services via


Andy Ellins

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 

I have competed in triathlon at a local level for about 10 years when I joined the club to help lose weight and get fit.  For the past 3 years I have competed at a National level and in 2014 raced for Great Britain in the Age Group Middle Distance European Championships.

In 2015 I have just done my Level 1 Coaching course and hope to go onto Level 2 and 3 over the next few years. I currently assist the Clubs Junior Coaches in the under 16’s weekly swim and land based training.

It is my hope that I can give a bit back to the sport and the Club, especially with the development of the juniors of which my daughter is one. I am also interested in developing my own knowledge and skills in coaching.


Jo Carritt

British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Coach

Amateur Swimming Association Level 1 Swim Teacher

As a recently retired professional triathlete, Jo's coaching for the club is primarily for our intermediate and advanced athletes, coaching swim session on Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.

Jo particpated in her first sprint distance triathlon in 2004 and never looked back. 12 years later, with a succeful career in Long Distance Triathlon (Ironman) racing and her own well established coaching company EverydayTraining to support her credentials, Jo is on hand to offer advice and support on all matters relating club member's training -whether for competition or personal development. 

Through EverydayTraining, Jo provides bespoke training plans and mentoring services to triathletes of all levels looking for a  step up in  their performance. Contact to find out more about this. 


Steven Lord

Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 Coach

Steven has been competing in Triathlon since 2003 and has been coaching triathletes since 2008 through the EverydayTraining coaching company he set up with Jo Carritt. He now competes mainly in long distance triathlon having completed over 30 Ironman races, including 8 occaisions at the Ironman World Championships.  He coaches our Wednesday evening swim sessions.

Through EverydayTraining, Steven provides bespoke training plans and mentoring services to triathletes of all levels looking for a  step up in  their performance. Contact to find out more about this. 


Nick Smith

British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Coach

Gym Based Fitness Instructor ( QFC) Level 2

Group Indoor Cycle Instructor (QFC) Level 2

Personal Training, Level 3 ( YMCA) 

Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor 

As a recently retired school teacher and senior leader I see coaching as a two way process. The coach’s role primarily is to ask questions of the athlete and any personal guidance evolves from this starting point. I have retrained as a Personal Trainer, and have set up my own coaching company, so that I can continue with my love of coaching as a way to support the personal development of others.

My background is as a county standard track, road and cross country athlete. I have been racing triathlon on a regular basis since 1984 and my long term ambition in the sport is to carry on competing for as long as I can and complete a triathlon in 2034 in my eightieth year.

I currently coach Friday evening swim sessions at Kings, along side my son Evan (who teaches swimming to our Juniors), as well as organising many regluar club activities such as the Bike and Run

Nick offers personal training programmes for triathlettes with his own company and can be contacted at


Lorraine Ayres

Amateur Swimming Association Level 1 Coach and Swimming Teacher

Lorraine was a masters swimmer for some 10 years when living in Solihull and trained with Birmingham Masters. This club was made up of medallists in Channel and Olympic Swimmers. She has swum herself in many swim events -  both short course pool and open water swims.Last year she was one of the few who successfully completed the 10 mile scilly swim and is a regular competitor at Stert Island Swim.

Lorraine has helped at the Triathlon club now for some 5 years and is a GB Age Group Triathlete herself, having competed in both the Worlds and European Triathlon Championships.

Lorraine's aim is to help swimmers improve and make swimming fun for all to enjoy.



Head Coach for the club 2013-2016, Paul is a British Triathlon Level-3 qualified coach. 

Paul continues to oversee The Club's "Development" Swim sessions, as an introduction to the club's swim programme for those completely new to swimming. 

Paul also runs The Club's summer open water swim sessions.  

In addition to the coaching he does with Somerset RC Tri, Paul works with individual clients through his triathlon coaching business

Stewart Towler

BTF Level 3 Coach

My triathlon life started in 1981, training twice a day for 2 hours with many, many bike, run intervals. I didn’t know it at the time but 3 years of delivering newspapers as fast as I could must have created a great base level of fitness. Bike racing become my competitive life for the next 15 years and have been triathlon racing since 1999, with many ultra-distance events thrown in for fun!

As a coach I love helping others be the best they can be and sharing my wealth of knowledge to all.

COACH (Juniors)

Joel Chapman

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 Coach

I have been helping out with the junior section training sessions for the past year and recently completed the Level 1 Triathlon coaching course. I do not compete in Triathlon events myself, but my son is a regular on the junior circuit of local events.

I have coached junior swimming and other sports many years ago and have worked in the leisure industry for over 25 years. My particular interest is to assist with the junior section coaching.


Justin Cole

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 Coach

I completed my first triathlon over 10 years ago and have regularly taken part in sprint distance races including 2 in open water. I know first hand the perils and anxieties of the open water swim – the second I completed, the first I didn’t with the rescue boats doing their job!

In 2015, helped by the boosted confidence and support from within the club, I went all in and signed up for the middle distance race, Ironman 70.3 UK at Wimbleball.

I have been coaching children in sport for over 2 years and I believe in creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment to help the personal and social development of children, not just improving their sporting prowess.

As well as supporting the club’s Tristarts programme at the club I am available to help all newcomers to the sport, especially those with a fear of the open water.


Gary Bell

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 Coach

I started the sport of triathlon 4 years ago and I'm completely hooked on it. I enjoy all aspects of training and competing, with middle distance Being my favoured event, I'm relatively new to coaching in Sport, however I'm very keen and enthusiastic and want to pass on my passion for the sport to other like mined athletes or new comers alike.
I live in Wellington with April, Jack and my dogs, all of whom bear the brunt of my training at the moment.


Richard Brown

British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Coach 

It started as a bet over New Year in 2012 I took part in his first triathlon, finishing 2nd in his age-group. I had the bug!!

I enjoyed the challenge and then became interested in coaching. I am learning all the time as a triathlete and as a coach. I enjoy working with those new to the sport especially in the pool.

COACH (Juniors)

James Heal

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 Coach

I first raced a triathlon nearly 15 years ago on an old mountain bike and loved it. Work, exams and beer reclaimed me for many years and I have only restarted relatively recently, but I love it now even more. Although I might have said something different at the end of wimbleball.

I race when I can between sprint and 1/2 ironman distance with varying degrees of success. I help coach the juniors, particularly swimming. I have 2 boys who enjoy triathlon and race regularly. I have resigned myself to the fact that they will be faster than me very soon!

I enjoy helping the juniors develop the skills to become triathletes or just getting involved with a sport that they may continue for the next 50 years!

COACH (Juniors)

Sue Ponter

British Triathlon Federation Level 1 Coach

I have been supporting the junior training sessions for the last couple of years and earlier this year completed my level 1 coaching course. I became involved with the sport through my children competing in local events. I enjoy encouraging the younger children who are new to triathlon, and seeing them flourish. 

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