Virtual Sprint Triathlon Challenge

By popular demand we will be repeating the Virtual triathlon event over the Bank Holiday Weekend 23-25th May. 

This is an oppurtunity to try to beat your own times over the 3 disciplines!

With slighty relaxed rules around exercising outdoors, you might wish to take a different approach and do the cycle/run outside   FOLLOWING A THOROUGH RISK ASSESMENT of your intended routes, and with your SAFTEY, and that of other road users, as priority. 

Remember that under normal race conditions several layers of safety planning are in place to enable racing on open roads - this will clearly NOT be the case for your own Virtual events!! 


The event is solely for fun, to share a workout together and bring the triathlon community together in sharing our workout experiences of the day, keeping ourselves motivated through this summer of widespread race cancellations. 

It is a free event and open to all, subject to your own judgement of appropriateness of this physical challenge with respect to your own health and fitness levels, and the safety of the environment and equipment used to complete the challenge. 

ROUND 2: The start gun goes at 0700 SATURAY 23rd May and finish line (for submissions, see below) closes 2000 on MONDAY 25th MAY 

The intention is that you complete each discipline one after the other, with "transitions" in between as you would in a real race. However, you may take as long as you wish to complete and inbetween each bit long as they are all done ON THE SAME DAY.  

You will time your splits for each discipline and your overall finish time. It is entirely up to you whether you share this information or not. 

You will record your event through photographs, film…any other means you like… and submit a post including your photos, slideshow, collage, montage or short film (no more than 30 seconds) of your virtual triathlon on our FACEBOOK PAGE by 20:00 on Sunday 10th May 

 RESULTS WILL BE BASED ON THE QUALITY OF THESE SUBMISSIONS, and the winner will be agreed by the Race Committee the following day.  Think:  inventive, original, motivational, inspiring, entertaining...

The “SWIM” 

For this section some basic equipment will be needed: 

  • Dumbbells or kettlebells. Failing any of those, a couple of big cans of paint will do
  • A barbell, length of scaffold or a broom handle
  • Swim chords or bands …or an old inner tube can be used
  • Rolling pin, baseball bat or straight stick (could use the broom handle), a length of string and a small weight 

To simulate a 400m (16 length) swim you will complete each of the below twice

  1.  20 Planking Swim Band Pull through – 10 on each arm
  2.  10 Press Ups
  3.  10 x Overhead Squat (with bar, or broom) 
  4.  20 x Bent-over Row (either barbell or do 10x each side with dumbbells or kettle bell or paint can)
  5.   2x Bobbin Roll up and lower (this is what you need the rolling pin, string and weight for) 
  6.   20x Scissor Kicks 
  7.  5 x Pass Overs 
  8.  20x Knee to Elbow Crunches 

That’s the complicated part!! 

See this VIDEO TUTORIAL  for demo of these exercises - we recommend practicing this and testing your "equipment"  a few times prior to  your race day!


For this section some basic equipment will be needed: 

  • A bike or stationary bike - in safe working order  - with a computer that can measure time/distance 
  • Turbo trainer, rollers
  • Helmet if you are riding outside* 

The distance is 20km. 

I strongly advise that if you are “racing” then this should be done on rollers, turbo, watt bike or equivalent. Acknowledging that all indoor trainers’ resistance differ, we therefore cannot compare your time to complete the 20km to any one else’s’…so you’re all winners ;o) 

Zwift users might decide amongst yourselves to all Zwift on the same 20km course – be it simultaneously or just agree that the course you will TT on for your bike split – in order to enable some comparison of times. 

*If do not have a turbo but would like to do the bike leg, or are you are planning on accompanying a non-triathlete family member, or a junior for their challenge, at a sensible and safe pace “fun” pace  - then this could be done outside on safe and quiet roads around a 20km route.  

In this instance – RIDE WITH CARE SO AS NOT TO PUT YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN DANGER. I would strongly recommend that you pre-ride and risk assess your intended route for suitability (as well as checking the distance).  

And I’ll repeat  it - You should absolutely NOT be “racing “on open roads as part of this virtual challenge


Will be 5km. 

Chose a route from your house that is 5km, ideally comprising laps for an authentic race experience (think lap bands, drink stations ) …but that’s entirely up to you.  

I recommend that you preveiw, measure out and Risk Asess your chosen route prior to your race day. 

Junior Tri – half the distances. No minimum age, as long as they are accompanied – parents can chose for their kids to do the full Sprint Distances if they know that the kid is capable.

No responsibility can be taken for broken children -  it’s all on you, Mum/Dad!!

Also options for: 

Olympic Distance  – 4x the swim set and double everything else 

Middle Distance  - 4x everything (get a life) 

Iron Distance  - 8 x everything (seriously, get a life) 

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