Club Championships

Club Championships

The Club Championship format will change for the new season. It will run from 01st November 2019 to 31st October 2020.

How it works

• You need to complete a minimum of 8 races (of two different types)

• If you complete more than 8 races, then your lowest 8 race scores will count

• Scoring system; you score points in each race depending on your gender finishing position. If you place finish 5th male/female, you will get 5 points

• Various prizes for category winners, top 15 men and women and spot prizes

1. 2nd Nov Moonlit Meadow Night Run (Run)

2. 20th Nov 9Bar Chilly Duathlon (Duathlon)

3. 8th Dec Christmas Cracker 10k (Run)

4. 22nd Dec Wellington Monument 10k Race (Run)

5. 1st Jan 2020 Chard Flyer 10k (Run)

6. 5th Jan Stoke Stampede 10k (Run)

7. 16th Feb 9Bar Chilly Duathlon (Duathlon)

8. 23rd Feb Babcary 7 (Run)

9. 29th March Taunton Deane Aquathlon (Tri)

10. 5th April Taunton Half Marathon (Run)

11. TBC (May) Exe Valley Triathlon (Tri)

12. 23rd May Hokey Cokey Swim/run St Austell Bay (Swim-run)

13. TBC (June) Piddle Wood Plod (Run)

14. 14th June Race to the Bill (Tri)

15. 13th – 14th June Breca Gower Swim/run (Swim-run)

16. 28th June Weymouth Middle (Tri)

17. 4th - 5th July Wimbelball Weekend (Tri) [either classic and/or middle]

18. 12th July Taunton Deane Triathlon (Tri)

19. TBC (July) Honiton Triathlon (Tri)

20. 12th July Croyde Olympic Triathlon (Tri)

21. 2nd Aug Cotswold Classic Middle-distance Triathlon (Tri)

22. TBC (Aug) Clevedon Long Swim (Swim)

23. TBC (Aug) Frome Triathlon (Tri)

24. TBC (Aug) Oxley Sherborne Triathlon (Tri)

25. TBC (Aug) Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon (Tri)

26. TBC (Aug) Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Aquabike (Aquabike)

27. TBC (Aug) Cotswolds Swim (Swim)

28. TBC (Sep) Taunton 10k (Run)

29. 5th - 6th Sep Dart 10K (Swim)

30. TBC (Oct) Herepath Half (Run)

If anyone has any questions regarding the championships, please contact Chris Perring

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