Club Championships

Club Championships

There will be a series of races for each classic distance,  up to “Iron” Distance. The scoring system awards points for finish position as percentile within your gender and age category.  The winner is the athlete with the lowest point score across the required number of completed races.

Age categories are:

Senior: 19-39rs

Vet: 40-49

SuperVet: 50-59

Vintage Vet: 60+

Club Championships Format for 2018

Sprint & Standard – any race anywhere in the UK will count towards your overall score. Your lowest 2 scores combined will give your total.

Middle Distace  and Full Long (Iron) Distance – any race anywhere in the world will count towards your overall score. Your lowest 1 score will go head to head against everyone else’s.


Your score is calculated by your finishing position in your age group only. For example if you come 5th overall and 2nd in your age group and there are 80 finishers in your age group then your score will be 2.5%.

So the lower your score the better.

Due to the unlimted nature of eligeble races, athletes wishing to be considered for Club Championships do need to remember to  inform Race Captain (James Paull)  of their results so he can compute their score.

If anyone has any questions regarding the championships please contact   

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