Aquathlon 2020 Race FAQs


Ø  I am not sure if I should try the long course or do the short course event as my fitness might be there by March 29th?

If you enter the long course but realise up to 2 weeks before the race (March 15th) that you might not be quite ready for the long distance - training doesn’t always go to plan - then you can contact the race director who will transfer your entry to the short course event.

Ø  I like running and can swim but I’ve never done a swim and run together

We all had to do our first one once! You won’t find a more friendly supportive mixed ability race. No one will worry how long your swim takes you to complete and if you give us an estimated swim time you will be in a  wave with other swimmers of similar ability. – you can change your estimate  swim time up to March 15th so put in your estimate on entry, practice swimming 20 or 40 lengths and time yourself and simply notify the race director of your revised time.

I’m 14 years old and will be in March but will be 15 before the end of 2020 can I enter?

YES. As a Junior if you will be 15 before 31.12.20 you can do the short course but not the long course. 16 year olds as at race day 29 March can also do the short but not long course. Youths aged 17-19 as at 29 March can do either race. Please note that Juniors require parental consent - details will be provided when you enter.

Ø  Do I need a tri suit?

NO. You can basically wear what you want. Only rules are no nudity, no swimming aids and no outside assistance. This is a very mixed ability race with swim times for the short 20 length swim between 7mins and 28mins and twice that for the long 40 lengths race. You are given a coloured swim cap to wear but need your own goggles if you swim with them. Most wear a swim costume or trunks/shorts and then put on a t-shirt, shorts, socks and trainers, maybe a cap or sunglasses for the run. Its advisable to have a small towel to dry your feet when you get changed poolside after the swim to start the run. You can if you want use the changing rooms if you want to get properly undressed, dry and change.

Ø  I would like to enter but have something else on later that day?

The event is basically a morning race and usually ends by about 1pm. If you need to be away the race director can put you in an early wave by simply letting him know. Similarly if you are travelling to the event and worried about getting to the start on time (first wave usually 9.30) by notifying the race director you can get a later start.

Ø  When will I know my start time?

Entry closes on March 15th so that the start times for each athlete can be determined and sent to each entrant at least 1 week prior to the event. Time is needed to review the estimated swim time for each and place swimmers of similar ability together (max 4 per lane). The long course race is generally the first swim waves between 9.30 and 11.00 in 30-minute waves and then short course waves (some flexibility to accommodate answers above).

Ø  What’s the Race Briefing I must attend?

At 9, 10, 11 and 12am there is a race briefing. You can attend any of these as long as it’s before your start time. It’s simply to clarify what you will have already been given in the Race Pack explaining where you need to go for registration, the briefings, the swim, transition, the race run route and other useful information. Importantly its race day to highlight any risks due to the highway or weather, etc and answer any questions you may have. We do all we can so you enjoy the event - you have nothing to worry about.

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