Club Kit

Club kit can be ordered at any time of the year -  to order or enquire about club kit, email Dave Thompson at any time.  You do not need to submit payment at that time. We will collate all orders and, subject to stock availability in your size, you'll arrange payment and delivery. It's usually possibe to arrange to view items in various styles/sizes before purchase - talk to Dave about this! 

We usually hold a large selection of triathlon race kit and cycle training kit  - but if items are not currently available in your size, this will be noted for the next order and when we have enough orders to place a minimum order amount (15 items) we will contact you and ask for payment. 

A sample showing the club kit is shown below. However, we have a much bigger range of club kit, including kit bags, multi tubes, arm warmers, running kit, tri suites, hoodies and much more. Come along to our Club Races and have a look at our  Kit Stall whcih will be set up there.  

Our kit is manufactured by Kalas...more info abou their fabrics and sizing, see here


Cycle Jersey - Short Sleeve - £51.00

Cycle Jersey Long Sleeve - £59.00

Bib Shorts - £63

Non Bib Cycle Shorts - £53

Tri Race Suit One-Peice  Mens/Womens - £83

Cycle Gilet - Enquire

Bib tights/knickers - Enquire

(note that the prices may change for new orders according to manufacture's revisions and order size) 

Long Sleeve Cycle Jersey
Long Sleeve Cycle Jersey
Non Bib Shorts & Knickers
Non Bib Shorts & Knickers
Tri Suit (mens)
Tri Suit (mens)
Tri Suit (womens)
Tri Suit (womens)

In addition to the items shown here we also have the following items with Somerset RC club colours and logo available for purchase:

Craft Running Cap (white) £17.00

Thermal Knee-warmers £20.00

Thermal Arm-warmers £20.00

Running Vest £27.00

Muti Tube £11.00

Hoodie ( Blue or Red) £23.00

Junior Hoodie ( Blue or Red ) £23.00

Beanie (Blue or Red) £6.00

Kit Bag ( black) £23.00

Umbrella £16.00

Mug £6.00

Childrens Kit

A selection of childrens kit is also available:

  • Short sleeve road jersey (please specify age)
  • 6 panel shorts (please specify age)
  • Club hoodie
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