Club Championships

There will be a series of races for each classic distance,  up to “Iron” Distance. The scoring system awards points for finish position as percentile within your gender and age category.  The winner is the athlete with the lowest point score across the required number of completed races.

Age categories are:

Senior: 19-39rs

Vet: 40-49

SuperVet: 50-59

Vintage Vet: 60+


Attempt is made to select races fulfilling the below criteria:

Local - within 2 hours travelling distance so that an overnight stay is not essential

Relatively cheap (compared to other races)

Accommodate relative strengths of different athletes by including races that cover a variety of types of courses – pool/open water/sea/lake swims, on road/off road run, more and less technical bike routes. Different lengths of swim/bike/run sections

Across the full season to allow athletes restricted by other commitments (work, family, illness injury) to still take part


Sprint Championships
In order to put yourself in contention for this you will need to complete TWO of the following 5 races:
1. Taunton Deane Triathlon -  Wellington Sports Centre - 15th May 2016 (our club race)
2. Taunton Triathlon - Taunton School - 29th May 2016
3. Burnham Triathlon - BOS Swim & Sports Academy - 12th June 2016
4. Oxley Sherborne Triathlon - Sherborne School for Girls - Date to be Confirmed. - If this race does not run then Portishead will be used instead - August 13th 2016.
5. Langport Triathlon - Huish Episcopi School - 18th September 2016
As with previous years your score will be calculated as a percentage of where you finished in your age group so the lower your overall score the better you have performed. At the end of the season your two lowest scores will be added together to determine your overall position.
Standard Distance Championships
Due to very few club members taking part in these races in 2015 the format for 2016 will consist of your best score from ANY standard race anywhere in the UK. 
The scoring system will be the same as in the sprint championships where for each race you compete in you will receive a percentage score of where you came in your age category. This revised format will hopefully lead to a more competitive club championship.
In order to qualify for this category, athletes should inform Race Captain (James Paull)  of their results so he can compute their score.
Middle and Full Distance
These races will adopt the same format. Any race of either distance ANYWHERE in the world will qualify. As with standard distance races, please Race Captain (James Paull) of your race completed and he will compute your score.
If anyone has any questions regarding the championships please contact   
Happy New Year to you all and best of luck for 2016!


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